Whatever you do, Don’t get sick… (In The US)

Do you have insurance? Is it good insurance?… Are you sure?

In February of 2018, Melissa Kirkendall found herself diagnosed with aggressive cancer and quickly found herself underinsured and in a bind when she also realized that as a single, self employed middle class citizen there was virtually no assistance available to her. She almost traveled to Colombia SA for her treatment as it would cost nearly $80k in the US, but less than $10k in Colombia for the exact same surgery she needed for her cancer to be removed. This opened her eyes as to how completely messed up our health care system is and the way it discriminates and has gone from compassionate care to profitable care.

Melissa is happy to announce that she is now cancer free and ready to be another reasonable voice in the fight to have great affordable health care for everyone, not just the chosen few. She is currently in development on this film. If you or anyone know has a story to tell relating to prohibitive health care costs and the tough choices that had to be made to get healthy. Please email us. We are interested in stories beyond just cancer as we know that there are many illness’ that can bankrupt you.